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Viana do Castelo is ready for Outdoor Sports Euro'Meet 2019

Two months away from the date of the event, the Municipality of Viana do Castelo is ready to hold the Outdoor Sports Euro’Meet 2019, the largest European conference on sustainability and outdoor sports.

The program consists of conferences, poster presentations, workshops, networking and 16 outdoor experiences, some of them inclusive.

It counts on 30 speakers representing 11 countries; the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, Martinique, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium and Sweden.

The main themes of the event, which is based on priority issues for the European Commission, are #BeActive Be Healthy, Be Outdoors, which will discuss how it can be most effective in creating opportunities for all people to be active and also how outdoor activity provides distinct physical and mental health benefits; Blue Growth will discuss the importance of maritime activities in the growth of an sustainable economic and the role they can play in meeting the education and health needs of coastal communities; Urban Outdoor will discuss how can outdoor activities can be developed in urban spaces and how can these spaces respond effectively respond to this need; Inclusive Outdoor will explore in reality how it can be more inclusive for people with disabilities, people from disadvantaged socio-economic communities, girls and women.
Ronaldo Gabriel, professor at the University of Trás-dos-Montes & Alto Douro, specialist in ecological biomechanics and a researcher in the area of linking sustainable ecosystems and human health is the keynote speaker on #BeActive, Be Healthy, Be Outdoors.
Eric Banel is general director of the French maritime administration for the South of the Atlantic Ocean, based in Bordeaux, specialist in integrated management of coastal zones, maritime economics and blue growth is the keynote speaker on Blue Growth.
The Urban Outdoor theme will feature Jacob Schouenborg, Secretary General of the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA). He has ample experience in the field of development, training and leadership, and is currently leading the NowWeMove global physical activity campaign.
Joel Pereira, professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, expert in sports and leisure and investigator in the areas of adventure tourism, outdoor sports and sports and inclusive tourism is the keynote speaker for the Inclusive Outdoor theme.
So far, 20 poster presentations are confirmed and this also demonstrates the importance of this event in defining future orientations in the field of European outdoor sports.
The realization of the Outdoor Sports Euro’Meet was decisive for Viana do Castelo to receive on the 23rd of September, the national opening of the European Sports Week, whose theme is #BeActive.
Regarding its recent promotion, after Euro'Meet was presented at OutDoor by ISPO 2019 in Munich on 1st of July, it was promoted at the Meeting of the Portuguese Healthy Municipalities Network at the Cruise Terminal of the Port of Leixões that occurred the past 12th of July.
In Portugal, Viana do Castelo and 8 other municipalities founded the Portuguese Healthy Cities Network (RPCS) in 1997. More recently, it has acquired a municipal dimension, and was renamed the Portuguese Healthy Municipalities Network (RPMS) and enabling the integration of any municipality, regardless of its urban nature.
“Given that the mission of the healthy cities focuses on the promotion and definition of local strategies that can improve the quality of life and health gains of its citizens, I believe that Euro’Meet is a very important event for Viana do Castelo, as it meets local policies to promote health, active life, the physical and mental well-being of the population, as well as the improvement of the physical and social environment” says Margarida Torres, Executive Coordinator of the Healthy City Office of Viana do Castelo.
Registration for this important international conference is available on the event's website (, with discounted prices up to 31st of this month.
The Outdoor Sports Euro´Meet is organized by the City Council of Viana do Castelo, the European Network of Outdoor Sports (ENOS), the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth, the Porto and Northern Portugal Tourism Entity, the Sports and Leisure Superior School and Surf Clube de Viana.